Monday, April 11, 2011

New Ascension Symptoms For Early 2011


Could it be like someone who is "coming to" after being knocked out?

Could it be like someone who is "coming out of" anesthesia?

Could it be like someone who is "coming back" after being in a coma?

Could it be like someone who is "getting born"?

What is meant by the above is:

Would there be vague, fluid, surroundings?

Would there be sound distortion?

Would there be odd light and unexpected bright light?

Would it seem to a person that they can't distinguish objects, can't tell what's what?

Would it seem to a person that voices are speaking clearly, but what the voices are saying just isn't understandable?

Would there be a sense of non-linearity or things happening out of sequence?

If you've experienced any of these you may be on to the next phase. And you are being welcomed back!



Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Coming Together?

Have you noticed things coming together? Different points of view and different perspectives? Different questions and answers?

At the same time, are some things blending and some things separating and some things remaining the same?

Yes! And it can be a challenge trying to sort through this information.

It's early 2011. Hang on. Find out what's around the very next bend. There are clues there. Just like there are clues right in front of us, if we choose to see.



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More And Newer Ascension Indicators

There are more and newer Ascension indicators. What is Ascension doing? Can we classify its phases? Can we assimilate its phases?

From what is being reported and from what I know myself, it seems that some people may be experiencing one central event in different ways. Or there may be a set of different events that some people are experiencing. Or both scenarios could be occurring.

People are now speaking of:

A sense of something having changed within them

A feeling of not knowing what exactly has happened

A feeling of familiarity and knowing exactly what has happened

A feeling of energy moving within their body

A feeling of expansion

A new experience of sound distortion, especially from radio and television

An increasing experience of freeze framing, frame dragging, or
a sense of the world just stopping then starting up again - sometimes at a high speed

A feeling of elation

A sense of surpise at the utter suddenness of the change

An increased awareness of, and interest in, the concept of "Soul"

A feeling that they are more themselves than they used to be

A feeling of release

A feeling of fear and doubt

A feeling that they are not who they used to be

A feeling of change in their tastes, preferences, interests, values, or style

A feeling of impatience or aggravation
regarding previously acceptable conditions

A feeling of acceptance or lack of concern
regarding previously unacceptable conditions

A feeling of energy moving into their body

A feeling of energy engaging itself to them from within

Love to all,

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We're in the process of moving into a higher vibration. Some people call this movement "ascension". This process is affecting your mind, body, emotions, and more. These effects have commonly been called "ascension symptoms". In the past five to ten years, you may have experienced symptoms such as intense and vivid dreams; interrupted sleep patterns; odd aches and pains; blurred vision; unexplained weight changes; dizziness; fatigue; forgetfulness; disorientation. If your doctor could find no apparent cause for any of these, you can be reasonably sure they are your reactions to the higher energy that is sweeping the planet.

This energy is not trying to hurt you, it's just doing what it's doing.

Since the ascension process is not really an illness, we now call its effects "indicators" or "flags". The indicators are changing. They will continue to change as the energy increases. Eventually a certain threshold will be reached. At that point the earth and all its inhabitants will...guess what...go through another change.

You can

Here are some indicators that are appearing more and more today. Maybe one or two will seem familiar to you.


Flashes of light, especially while eyes are closed

Vibrations in different areas of the body at different times

Negative emotions leaving more quickly than they used to

Days of unusual clarity and lightness; days of feeling deeply stuck

Days when life seems still. A distinct desire to get out and push life back into action

Increasing telepathic awareness on your part

Seeing a mental picture abruptly freeze, then start moving again

Seeing a wish appear before you've even completed wishing it

While you are wide awake and busy, feeling as if you are
simultaneously having a completely unrelated dream.
As if you were living more than one life at a time.

Feeling a vague sense of guilt. Feeling undeserving

Feeling a sense of abandonment

Asking yourself where you are

Asking yourself what you are supposed to be doing at the moment

Having dreams of sorting through old clothing, or packing, or moving, or all of these

Having insights that last no more than an instant and that you often can't remember in their entirety

Feeling as if you are dangling

Having unfamiliar equations, number patterns,
or other measurements cross your mind

Sometimes encountering a blank space when you try to remember something

Having dreams of or feelings of or an actual experience of being

Experiencing mixed feelings of astonishment and disbelief when you look back on the person you used to be

Having a sense of an impending explosion or other volatile activity

Having an off and on desire to escape back into your former persona

Having less trouble being honest than previously

Noticing that you're starting to be able to
handle the truth a little better than previously


Don't worry about any of it. You are equipped to handle indicators. And by the time you get entrenched in worry the indicators will have changed again anyway. Allow yourself to relax and have some fun.

Love to all,


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